Justification By Faith
Working in Love
Written by I. Shawn McElhinney

Originally Written: April of 2000
Originally Revised: May of 2000
Originally Released: July 1, 2000
Revisions Made to Original Essay: April of 2003

Author's Note to Current Essay Version:

To explain the numerous changes made to this essay is a task for another time. Right now, I want to post it and hope that this version is much more servicable than its predecessor was in every conceivable way. The most obvious changes from the previous version to this one are (i) the new layout (ii) the completed bibliography/notes sections, and (iii) a much more ecumenical tone.

I. Shawn McElhinney

30 April 2003
Feast of St. Pius V

Part I - In the Words of Our Lord
Part II - In the Words of the Apostle Peter
Part III - In the Words of the Apostle James
Part IV - In the Words of the Apostles John and Jude
Part V - Prelude to the Words of the Apostle Paul
Part VI - The Apostle Paul in Romans
Part VII - The Apostle Paul in Galatians
Part VIII - The Apostle Paul in His Other Epistles