Matt vs. David Riggs on Sola Scriptura..

Debate Proposition and Rules

Written Debate --- Riggs - Matt

"The inspired writings (the holy Scriptures of the New Testament of Jesus
Christ) claim for themselves that they alone are the standard of authority in Religion today."

Affirm: David J. Riggs
Deny: Matt

Rules for the Written Debate:

1. Each writer agrees to send his essay to his opponent via E-Mail at the
first of each month.

2. Each writer agrees to the time limitation to complete the necessary
essay of one month, with affirmative/denial and rebuttal
essays being as follows:
First Affirmative and Denial essays due Nov. 1, 1997;
First Rebuttal essays due on Dec. 1, 1997;
Second Rebuttal essays due on Jan.1, 1998;
Third and final Rebuttal essays due on Feb. 1,1998.

3. Each writer agrees that all rebuttals will be limited to the material
of his opponent. Small quotes from others, of course, are
allowed. However, the opponents agree to defend what they, themselves,
have written, not what someone else has written.

4. Each writer agrees that his essays will simply be in black and white,
with no graphics or links.

5. Each writer agrees to conduct the debate in English and not primarily
in Greek. Small quotes from Greek Lexicons or
Greek Scholars, of course, will be allowed. However, the debate is to be
conducted for the benefit of the average person.

6. Each writer agrees that no new material shall be added in the fourth
and final essay.

7. Each writer agrees that they will conduct themselves in such a way as
to demonstrate the Spirit of Christ, i.e., no personal
attacks, no name calling, etc.

8. Each writer agrees that the time and page limitations of essays cannot
be exceeded without the prior written
acknowledgment of the opponent.

9. Each writer agrees that if either one wishes to discontinue the
written debate, for whatever reasons, a letter stating his
reasons for ending the debate be sent to his opponent.

10. Each writer agrees to the page limitations for each essay of no more
than five single-spaced 8 x 11 pages, 12 point font
size, with all margins of one inch only.

11. Each writer agrees to use any of the following Translations:
Confraternity-Douay Version,
Douay-Rheims Version,
Catholic Edition-Revised Standard Version,
The New American Standard Version,
The New King James Version.

Agreed to by Matt
Agreed to by David J. Riggs


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1997 Debate Proposition and Rules.

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