Debate Matt vs. Ronnie Brown on Justification

Debate Proposition and Rules

Matt vs. Ronnie Brown
Debate concludes August 19, 2001

Does the Bible teach that
one is Justified by Faith Alone, or
Faith plus works?

Ronnie asserts that justification is by
Faith Alone and Matt asserts that
justification is by Faith plus Works.

Rules for the Written Debate:

1. Each writer agrees to send his essay to his opponent via E-Mail on the day of the time frames agreed to. Both writers will send emails to each other at 9:00 PM, Eastern Time.

2. Each writer agrees to the time limitation to complete the necessary essays on the following dates:
a) First Essays due Sunday, May 20, 2001.
b) First Rebuttal essays due on Sunday, June 17, 2001;
c) Second Rebuttal Essays due on Sunday, July 15, 2001;
d) Closing Essay (Third Rebuttal) on Sunday, August 19, 2001.Date revised by agreement of both parties.

3. Each writer agrees that all rebuttals will be limited to the material of his opponent. Small quotes from others, of course, are allowed. However, the opponents agree to defend what they, themselves, have written, not what someone else has written.

4. Each writer agrees that his essays will have no graphics or links.

5. Each writer agrees that no new material shall be added in the closing essays. In the closing essays, they will summarize and respond only to issues brought up in the prior essays/rebuttals.

6. Each writer agrees that they will conduct themselves in such a way as to demonstrate the Spirit of Christ, i.e., no personal attacks, no name calling, etc.

7. Each writer agrees that the time and word limitations of essays cannot be exceeded without the prior written acknowledgment of the opponent.

8. Each writer agrees that they will stay in the debate until the end of the debate. If either one has any problems, or if conditions make it impossible to meet the deadline, they shall submit their problems to the opponent beforehand.

9. Each writer agrees to the essay’s limit of 4000 words.

10. ***Revised by Agreement***The fourth essay, based on agreement of both parties, will have a total of a limit of 5000 words.

11. Each writer agrees to use either of the following Translations:
Catholic Edition-Revised Standard Version, The New American Standard Version,

Agreed to by Matt and Ronnie Brown, April 24, 2001.


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2001 Debate Proposition and Rules.

Last modified July 25, 2001.