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Miscellaneous Issues
A Study of Homosexuality, all its Repercussions, and Marriage...By Matt1618 450 kb
Exchange on Jesus' Teaching, and Homosexuality, and Relevance of LeviticalTeachings
on Homosexuality to Christians Today...By Matt1618 86 kb
Response to an Assertion why a Protestant Does Not Convert to the Catholic Faith...By Matt1618 72 kb
Priestly Celibacy...By Matt1618 - 108 kb
Priestly Celibacy (Condensed Version)...By Matt1618 - 24 kb
Does Matthew 23:9 Exclude the Title Father?...By Matt1618 - 41 kb
Confession: Is it Biblical?...By Matt1618 - 44 kb
Reasoning From the Scriptures with Ron Rhodes Critique
of Chapter 12, "Sins and the Sacrament of Penance"...by Matt1618 - 61 kb
'Call No Man Father': Why do Catholics call Priests 'Father'??...By Matt1618 - 40 kb
On the Intricacies of Dialogue - A Commentary...by I. Shawn McElhinney - 96 kb
Pius XII, Hitler's Germany, and Cornwell's Pope:
A Study and Critique... by Gregory Zabielski - 94 kb
'Mr. Critic' and Salvation Outside the Catholic Church... by I. Shawn McElhinney - 60 kb
The Theological Troubles of Dr. Eric Svendsen: ... by I. Shawn McElhinney - 111 kb
The Counter-Syllabus Canard: ... by I. Shawn McElhinney - 136 kb
Reasoning From the Scriptures with Ron Rhodes: A look at Catholic Traditions,
the Papacy, Mary's Perpetual Virginity, and Purgatory
... by Matt1618 - 138 kb
The Spiritual Malpractice of Dr. Eric Svendsen: ... by I. Shawn McElhinney - 104 kb
To Ex-Catholics: Did you Leave for the True Gospel?... by Matt1618 - 22 kb
Do Catholic Traditions Contradict the Bible?...by Matt1618 - 31 kb
Refuting Arguments For Birth Control by Matt1618 - 39 kb
Birth Control and Genesis 38 by Matt1618 - 25 kb
The Bible and Artificial Birth Control...by Martin Beckman
The Ministerial Priesthood and the New Testament...by James Akin
Jesus On Divorce And Remarriage By Matt1618 - 15 kb
Paul On Divorce And Remarriage By Matt1618 - 12 kb
Graven Images: Do Statues Violate the 2nd Commandment?...By Matt1618 - 35 kb
John 14-16 and the Holy Spirit of Truth...by Matt1618 - 26 kb
The Woman's Seed: The Humanity of the Son of Man...by Kyle Reise Eleison - 19 kb
My Conversion to Catholicism in Light of the Bible...by Kyle Reise Eleison - 5 kb

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