What Must I Do to Be Saved?
A Response and An Examination of that Question.

By Matt1618

This is a response to an email from a Mr. Dwayne Farr, who sent a detailed paper which attempted to prove that the Bible teaches Faith as the only instrument of salvation and that Catholicism is wrong on many issues. He is a Baptist. The length of that paper is 52 pages. I have responded to only a portion of his whole paper here. However, the response that I do give here, is an extensive response to some issues that are very important. This response of mine does respond point by point to some essential issues that he has brought up. I have italicized his words. I respond with analysis and Scripture. He asked that I respond with Scripture, and so I do in this response. I respond that the Catholic Church is correct on the issues, and point out from the Bible why I find him and his theology to be incorrect. I cover some issues I have partially covered in other papers, but go into some issues and Scriptures that I have not gone over in some of those papers. Thus, I thought it would be helpful to make this response available. Dwayne has given me permission to post this response on the web. Each of the titles for the sections he gave for his own paper, I give the same titles down below (with a couple slightly amended). He also covers issues such as "Hell", "Grace Dispensers", "Papal Infallibility", "Mary", and other issues that I have not covered in this response. I disagree with him on many of the issues he brings up, though not all of them. Other issues I disagree with him on, but have not chosen to give him a response due to time. However, if you would like to see the full paper that he has written, you can email him at the following email address: dwaynefarr@yahoo.com


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